Lifestyle Tweaks

In the fast paced life of modern living we all breathe and dwell in a social order which believes in quick-fix solutions. We are yearning for instant results with negligible pain, exertion and sacrifice, looking for shortcuts. A number of quacks are offering medication to address these issues. However if the root cause of problem is not dealt with, medicines, surgical procedures and quacks will merely mask the principal issue. Without tweaking lifestyle, the treatments will be ineffectual. A number of problems can be resolved by lifestyle changes single-handedly. The Colonel becomes your personal mentor and guides you through the mire.



  • These are personal sessions to address various personal issues that YOU may be grappling with; with his vast experience he helps YOU to take control of YOUr life and move ahead with confidence.
  • He suggests lasting changes for YOUr benefit after detailed interaction and understanding YOUr needs.

Group Discussions (GD)

A number of organizations have resorted to GD as their first barrier. To crack the GD process YOU need to equip YOUrself with certain skill sets. Colonel shares his immense experience with YOU and ensure YOU get past the first post with aplomb. Should YOU grab the pole position and start the GD? How do YOU generate points for a topic in which YOU have no clue? He will share these and much more. He gives the candidates an insight into the qualities that the panellists are looking for in their potential employee. How do YOU project those qualities?


  • Address all the issues related to GD and help YOU crack the process.
  • Conduct Mock GDs.

Personal Interview (PI) Skills

In the current employment scenario, it is an achievement to be called for PI. We need to grab this opportunity to convert it for hundred percent success. With his experience as Global Head Hiring of a major MNC, the colonel shares his vast experience for higher chances of conversion. He gives YOU a peek into the mind of an interviewer and prepares YOU for success.

His sessions prepares YOU like in a military operation of an ambush! How YOU lead the interviewer to ask the questions you want him to ask. He includes physiological preparation to gear up YOUr entire body for the imminent challenge. The regular questions and their answers and how to seal the deal.


  • Address all the issues related to PI and help YOUth crack the process.
  • Resume making and actions to add sparkle to YOUr CV.

Women Safety for Organizations

According to a recent survey three out of every four women feels unsafe in India. Two-thirds have experienced mis-behaviour on the streets. The Nirbhaya incident shook the foundations of our societal civilized psyche. The subsequent cases in Park Street (Kolkata), Guwahati, Shakti Mills (Mumbai) – highlight the vulnerability of Women in India and women safety a major cause of concern.

Increased ‘Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace’ has brought to fore the closeted issue of sexual harassment and the lip service offered by industry. Our workforce and hence productivity are directly linked to the way we treat women at workplace. The passing of the ‘Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace’ bill by the Parliament, implementation of Vishaka guidelines are steps in the right direction. Organizations need to initiate actions for implementation of the guidelines.

WOmen SAFety (WOSAF) is an effort to enlighten, empower and usher a change in our society. WOSAF highlights the potential atrocities, the various safety measures, and importantly SITuation CONtrol (SITCON). SITCON equips the woman to change status quo of any potential ‘dangerous’ situation, preparing, taking stock and initiating positive action. It shares learnings used by armies across the world for SITCON.



  • He organizes awareness sessions/ half day workshops highlighting issues of Women Safety and includes SITCON.
  • For schools sessions have been suitably altered to address issues of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) and have been conducted in various schools.


Effective Communication

Communication is the most crucial skill required for survival in the present business environment; be it on the professional or personal front. By communicating we exchange ideas, thoughts and get things done. It is the most crucial attribute of human existence. Ineffective communication gives rise to conflict situations, hampers work flow, delayed timelines, cost and time overruns, and results in poor performance; a major challenge organizations are facing. To meet its goals efficient and effective communication is the acme of leadership.



  • Sessions to address this void and help individuals communicate effectively and efficiently.
  • Workshops on verbal and non-verbal communications for participants to understand the importance of body language.

Personality Developement

The Personality Development sessions will transform you into a confident YOU; much sure of yourself with a healthy self-esteem, confident of what you are doing, and where you are headed for. The most important fall-out will be the possibility of exploring latent talent you were unaware of till now. It will help you uncover your hidden traits, enhance your confidence and fill you with courage to face any challenge fearlessly. You could engage with anyone and would enable you to win friends and influence people. You will also notice a distinct change along with a confidence boost and will be at ease in conversing with others and it will enhance your self-confidence.



  • Sessions to suit your organization, individual issues or workshops.
  • Identification and address individual challenges of each personality.

Team Building

The 21st Century workplace is characterized by team work reflected in the performance and cohesion of the team. It’s the team that achieves the targets, delivers results and enhances productivity. A good team leader nurtures individual aspirations and meets organizational goals. It fosters camaraderie and addresses potential conflict situation. Conducive work environment helps teams bond better and fosters creativity, breaks down silos and injects better transparency. It promotes mutually beneficial situations and guarantees satisfied customers.



  • His sessions, address issues of camaraderie, bonding, loyalty and fosters successful teams.
  • His inspirational talks builds unity and loyalty.


A motivated team delivers consistent results year-on-year! It boosts employee confidence, improves productivity and reduces attrition levels. Motivation has an enormous role to play in any organization. Motivation is THE factor which can engage all the employees. Motivated employees inspired by a good leader enhance productivity. They have loyal, satisfied and engaged customers. The leader understands individual aspirations, shares a common vision and guides them. Once the employees ‘buy-in’ to the vision, they grow, the productivity increases and the workforce delivers.

In Colonel’s sessions, you will learn the art of motivating yourself and your team. It will usher in new energy and self-esteem into your team.


  • He engages your employees replete with examples from his personal experiences from combat and relates them to the industry.
  • He customizes his workshops/ seminars/ sessions to meet the organizational needs.

Leadership Skills

Every man is born to lead, be it a head of the organization or a project leader. The leader must have certain qualities to inspire and motivate the team to deliver. Aptitude, hard work, sincerity will take you only so far, but Leadership Skills will take you to your pinnacle. These skills will assist you to assume greater responsibilities, take independent charge, prioritize, delegate and improve quick decision making. Leadership skills consistently deliver visible results, motivates the team and enhances productivity.


  • Deliver key note address, lectures, conduct half day / one day workshops, and participate in seminars.
  • Organize sessions tailored to suit the organizational needs, identify gaps and map a way forward.