Lifestyle Tweaks

In the fast paced life of modern living we all breathe and dwell in a social order which believes in quick-fix solutions. We are yearning for instant results with negligible pain, exertion and sacrifice, looking for shortcuts. A number of quacks are offering medication to address these issues. However if the root cause of problem is not dealt with, medicines, surgical procedures and quacks will merely mask the principal issue. Without tweaking lifestyle, the treatments will be ineffectual. A number of problems can be resolved by lifestyle changes single-handedly. The Colonel becomes your personal mentor and guides you through the mire.



  • These are personal sessions to address various personal issues that YOU may be grappling with; with his vast experience he helps YOU to take control of YOUr life and move ahead with confidence.
  • He suggests lasting changes for YOUr benefit after detailed interaction and understanding YOUr needs.

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