Women Safety for Organizations

According to a recent survey three out of every four women feels unsafe in India. Two-thirds have experienced mis-behaviour on the streets. The Nirbhaya incident shook the foundations of our societal civilized psyche. The subsequent cases in Park Street (Kolkata), Guwahati, Shakti Mills (Mumbai) – highlight the vulnerability of Women in India and women safety a major cause of concern.

Increased ‘Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace’ has brought to fore the closeted issue of sexual harassment and the lip service offered by industry. Our workforce and hence productivity are directly linked to the way we treat women at workplace. The passing of the ‘Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace’ bill by the Parliament, implementation of Vishaka guidelines are steps in the right direction. Organizations need to initiate actions for implementation of the guidelines.

WOmen SAFety (WOSAF) is an effort to enlighten, empower and usher a change in our society. WOSAF highlights the potential atrocities, the various safety measures, and importantly SITuation CONtrol (SITCON). SITCON equips the woman to change status quo of any potential ‘dangerous’ situation, preparing, taking stock and initiating positive action. It shares learnings used by armies across the world for SITCON.



  • He organizes awareness sessions/ half day workshops highlighting issues of Women Safety and includes SITCON.
  • For schools sessions have been suitably altered to address issues of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) and have been conducted in various schools.


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