WOSAF Tip # 82


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Situational Awareness is the key to Women Safety. A lot of us think that, while walking, being on the phone is OK .. sorry, its not OK!! It distracts you and since you are distracted, your sensory organs (to smell danger, gut feel), is not working.

The security arrangements and privacy issues in a number of the social media sites are suspect. Sharing your address, bank details and any personal details is inviting trouble. Why should your address be known to the bad guys? Share details with caution.

When in a new place, don’t walk around with the map in hand; its a dead giveaway. Remember the route or take the public transport. When asking for directions and someone offers to show you the way by having you follow them, do not go. Just ask for them to point you in the right direction. Often, predators just want to get you to a place less crowded where your screams can’t be heard.

It is imperative that your actions in public places be discreet. The louder you are, more attention you will get, which is only making you a potential target. Look around, look confident, don’t scan the handbag for keys, and be aware of your surroundings. Drooping shoulders, forlorn and dejected look are symptoms as potential victims. Be aware. Looking around sends a message, that I can see you. If there is a police lineup, I can recognize you.

The safety of ours is our prime concern. The bad guys are looking for opportunities. We should not provide them one.

Be Alert .  Be Aware . Be Safe .

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