Are YOU Growing?

Growth is Mandatory

Nature demands that each person grows. This is very evident, if you find time, to watch nature. Every person has this in his/her DNA. Each and every parent wants their children to be better than what they have achieved/attained. They go out of their way to provide and educate.

I met this YOUng handsome bloke (score and half at the most), working in an MNC, in an enviable position. The battle of the bulge was evident. After the introductions, I commented on his losing battle (and touched a very raw nerve!). The routine (which I believe, YOU reader, share in common) is waking up (reluctantly) in the morning (7-7.30 am), morning rituals, grab a bite and office by 9-9.30. Lunch time vanishes in a jiffy. Before YOU could say Radhakrishnan Pillai, the day seems to nearing doomsday, as the number of pending tasks hangs over your head. By the time you reach home, dog tired, its already 8-8.30 pm. There is just no time for anything else. And life goes on!!!

Each one looks forward to the weekend, to let YOUr hair down. The venues keep changing, the malls/ movie halls change – and again there is a definite predictability of the actions. Noble Laureate Albert Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.

Want to Grow? Want to Get an Education? Want to do Something (sth)? What/ who is stopping you? One day, the employees of a firm, read a notice on the entrance of their office, “We are sorry to inform YOU of the untimely demise of the person who stopped YOU grow”. Kindly place a wreath on the casket. The employees, filed one at a time, to pay their last respects. They moved up and on placing the wreath, saw a mirror inside the casket. The person who stops YOU grow is YOU. Wherever YOU would like to go/be is in YOUr hands.

Can we just tweak our lifestyle? Just one change. Get up say thirty minutes early to include a physical activity in our lives. Enroll in an online course. Pursue some certification here. Attend some seminar there. Growth is imperative. Growth is Mandatory. And if YOU are NOT growing, YOU are going against nature. 

What are YOU doing about YOUr Growth?