Are YOU a Harbinger of Good News?

The pandemic (the word itself has such negative connotations) has returned with a greater vengeance with the new variant. The new words added to your lexicon reads something like: fatality, co-morbidity, infection, disaster, lethality, virulence, remdesivir, herd immunity, anti-bodies and so forth.

Being aware is fine. With our basic intelligence , to be aware a glance of a newspaper, or a media report or a social media write-up is enough. But the new norm has been to keep receiving updates, the continuous cacophony of news channel readers (who I suspect suffer from verbal diarrhea), and the 24/7 social media has filled our mind space with fear, anxiety, stress and depression.

Just take a step back. Think of your activity of yesterday. What were your engaged in? What kind of input did you nourish your mind/brain with? What discussions did you participate in? And what are the messages, articles, write-ups you forwarded, commented or liked. Answer this one question honestly and you could objectively assess the issue we are facing.

Are you part of the SOLUTION – offering solutions, DOING things to resolve an issue, taking concrete steps towards a better future OR are you part of the PROBLEM – spreading fear, fuelling anxiety, causing stress or multiplying depressed souls. Before the pandemic impacted the world, WHO study mentioned the new epidemic is depression. One in every four persons is affected. With YOUr actions, ask yourself, are you a catalyst in escalating depression. The unchecked spread of mis-information – ‘death by whatspp’ has been instrumental in inciting rumour mongering, spreading anxiety, instigating negativity and triggering depression.

DO: Be a part of the solution . Be aware . Spread cheer . Be hands on . and DO .

DON’t: Be a part of the problem . Share news (or negativity) . Spread depression . Be a social media warrior . and Talk .

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