What Ever It Takes

Focused Persistence

The second wave of the ongoing pandemic has impacted everybody, more so in our country, as the population is huge. It has been singularly responsible for the anxiety it has caused to our near and dear ones.

But then we know certain things for a fact. Like the Sun coming out of the East. How many times, if at all, do you speak about that. Zero. Cipher. Nada. Then why are we speaking about the V****, Pa******, Lock**** … these are given. When we were growing up, there was this new killer disease: AIDS. It was such a major scare that we, in our all boys boarding school, avoided even touching each other. Then there was the SARS, Ebola and a stream of such killer diseases. Each one predicted the doom of mankind. We, the people, are much more resilient than these strains of virus or any other so called ‘killer’ disease. Sooner rather than later we come out with a vaccine and Voila!!!! We are Winners.

Have faith. Remember, mankind will survive this too .. and the signs of recovery, the rays of a new dawn are already shining through. Work around these ‘killer’ issues buddy! YOU are much stronger than what you think. That is acme of Leadership – your control over your mind. Let not the social media & its messages upset you. Work around the issue.

I read this amazing line: The “guest” has impacted your LIFESTYLE – not your LIFE. LIFE is precious; Change your Lifestyle. The main issue here is that some of us, got used to our lifestyles. We found our comfort zones and now making changes to our lifestyle is what we are resenting or feeling uncomfortable about.

All those people who wanted to change their present situation, all those in pursuit of a goal, all those who had a dream to fulfill. What ever you were pursuing OR doing .. Well here is a piece of advice. Make a Commitment. (If possible, read the book: Ultimate Secret to Getting Absolutely Everything YOU Want) Commitment is the essence to the Ultimate Secret. A willingness, a Mental Attitude which says: If it takes 50 steps to reach my goal, I’ll take those 50 Steps. If it takes 500 steps to reach my goal, I’ll take those 500 steps. If it takes 5,000 steps to reach my goal, I’ll take those 5,000 steps.

To succeed, all that’s necessary is that you make a COMMITMENT to do whatever it takes. Remember Ben-Hunt Davies, a former British rower and an Olympic champion. He competed at the 1992 Barcelona Games and the 1996 Atlanta Games in the ‘coxed-eight’ event. The team stood sixth and eighth respectively. The British crew had never won a rowing event since 1912.

In preparation for the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, as a member of the British rowing team, he directed his team to ask just one question: “Will it make the boat go faster?” Anything you do, run it through this one question. We would like to go the the pub? OK, will it make the boat go faster? NO! Then the activity is out. Could we re-design the oar? Will it make the boat go faster?.. Well you get the idea, right? With this single minded focus, The British rowing team won the Gold Medal.

We are reminded of the interaction between Krishna and the Pandavas/ Arjun in The Mahabharat. “Arjun, What do you see?” While his other brothers had replied differently, and Krishna didn’t give them permission to shoot the arrow; Arjun replied, “The eye of the bird”. Krishna nods his head sagely and says, “Shoot”. Single-minded focus. In these trying times, hone this one quality and success is bound to be yours.

Will it make the Boat Go faster? Ask yourself this one question? Persistent action follows commitment . You first commit to something and you persist to achieve it. Let not an iota of doubt creep in. Let there be no duality in thought OR action. Any reason is an excuse. Pandemic – so? It affected everyone. Come on .. YOU ARE MADE OF STERNER STUFF!!!!!

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