In the year 2015, I decided to start penning and opened this site. I was generally addressing students and student related post. When I say student, I mean, anyone keen to learn. It addressed a number of issues including women safety, leadership and team building. In my initial days, I addressed issues related to hiring, interviews, group discussions and placements.

The site evolved with time and my role kept changing. COVID 19 disrupted our lives. My engagements with educational institutions (offline visits) came down to a trickle. Besides, I moved on to a different role. Not that I don’t believe in what I did or what I’m doing presently .. but like I said, my roles changed.

I donned the innovator’s hat. I started a couple of start-ups. And finally, it has led me to an IIT where we’ve been able to successfully set up a ‘Centre of Excellence for Defence’ and defence related issues. It is a first of its kind initiative and has kept me occupied.

I re-located to a new location and am eagerly pursuing to reach the lofty goals we set for ourselves.

It is with a very heavy heart, I bid adieu to all my well-wishers. To all the readers, who some time or the other, read my articles, to all the people whose lives I could touch (digitally!).

I wish each and every one of you the very best in your lives.

God speed !